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SCARM - Simple Computer Aided Railroad Modeler

  Easy to use railroad modeling program. Works with Z, N, HO, O and some more scales. Many track templates available. A great 3D engine.

Category Tracks Design Tools 
Yard Sale Trains

  Exclusively N scale, wide variety of secondhand rolling stock, track, structures etc.
Decent prices for good used stuff, prompt personal service.

Category Nscale Online Shops 
Rodney's Railroad Tools
Made to order track laying tools.

Category Tracks Design Tools 
A free 3D CAD drawing program. Easy to learn with tutorials and help menus. Excellent for structures, but not so good for track planning.

Category Useful software tools 
Automatic Block Signalling Explained.
An explanation of signalling different situations on a single track mainline.

Category Prototypes 

  If you enjoy model railroads, classic track plans, and computers, you're in the right place! TrainPlayer offers bold new adventures in mouse-driven armchair model railroading. Designed for the railroader who studies track plans and dreams of an empty basement -- with TrainPlayer you can dream and run trains!

Category Train Simulators Demo 
NHShobbies.com 5 *

  This place has a little of everything except DCC. This is the absolute cheapest supplier I have found online for Atlas track...no one beats thier prices!

A large assortment of other materials as well! http://www.nhshobbies.com

They have:

airbrush supplies
slot cars
model cars

Category Nscale Online Shops 
AnyRail 2D Track Plan Software 5 *

  AnyRail makes it easy to create an accurate track plan for your model railway layout. If you're used to Windows, you can create your first usable model railroad design in minutes!

Download here the free trial

AnyRail maximizes the chance that your tracks will actually fit when you build your precious railroad layout for real. It comes pre-loaded with a wide range of sectional and flex. Each section is carefully constructed to match its model counterpart.

Category Tracks Design Tools 
Fast Tracks Tools 3 *

  Fast Tracks Tools & Solutions For Hand Laying Your Own N Scale Switche

The Satisfaction Of Hand Laying Your Own Turnouts!

With Fast Tracks assembly fixtures & supplies you can hand lay your own low cost, velvety smooth running turnouts that look and perform better than store bought track.

Category Building tips and tricks! 
Keywords: tools tracks fast
AmericaN 5 *

modelrailroading and operation in N scale
a group in the FREMO (Friendscircle of European Modelrailroaders). Our modules resemble single-track standard gauge railroad lines in North America in N-scale (1:160).

Category Model Railfanning 
Talking Electronics 4 *

  An excellent web site for Electronic kits such as Capacitor Discharge Units, Level crossings, throttles, trains detectors for all your module needs for your layout.
An excellent book to purchase is Electronics for Model Railways by Ken Stone (produced for Talking Electronics) and has a lot of kits reproduced for the enthusiast to build from scratch using PCB and individual components with printed PCB track overlays.

Category Nscale Online Shops 
Keywords: electronics level trains talking capacitor discharge units crossings throttles detectors
zip  Model Railroad Grade Calculator (for Windows) Left click: open entry/Right click: save entry 3 *

  I wrote a small application in VB that calculates the rise or depression achieved by a given length of track at a specified grade. It runs on Windows (I have XP SP2) and requires .Net 2.0.

Category DC and DCC Software and Tools 
Keywords: model railroad grade calculator
3D Model Trains 4 *

  This program allows you to create and design your layout in real time to test and check before you buiild the real thing. Highly recommended ...4472

Model railroading was never this simple ... nor fun.
Now 3D Model Trains changes this by letting you quickly layout your track designs. Then add switches, crossover and sidings to build detailed tabletops instantly.
Drop in 3D scenery: buildings, trees, landscaping, people, more. And adjust the terrain if to add hills.
Now you're ready to add the trains from the large selection of included manufacturers. Turn on the power and watch them go!
Includes tracks and model trains from Roco, Marklin, Fleishmann, Arnold and Trix and more on the way.

Category Tracks Design Tools 
jpg  Track 22 Left click: open entry/Right click: save entry 5 *

  This simple plan is for the mountain-scenery lover who doesn't have much room. The bottom portion of the layout features a tall trestle crossing a valley. If you don't already know how you'd handle such a scene, this plan isn't for you. The top is nothing but three staging tracks, and probably wouldn't need any scenery at all.

By Mike Fisher

Category Track Plans 
Keywords: n nscale plan scale track trackplan tracks tracksplan
jpg  Track 21 Left click: open entry/Right click: save entry

  If you like your industries, this layout may be what you need. The long interchange track at left feeds seven assorted industries, with room for at least 12 cars. If it weren't for the closed oval, this could be considered a switching layout.

By Mike Fisher

Category Track Plans 
Keywords: n nscale plan scale track trackplan tracks tracksplan
jpg  Track 20 Left click: open entry/Right click: save entry

  Here's a special-purpose trackplan for the modeler who loves his/her engines. An Atlas turntable and roundhouse, and a Walthers backshop, are the main attractions here. There's an ash dump track at upper right, a diesel fuel rack at lower left, and coal, sand, and water for steamers at center bottom.

BY Mike Fisher

Category Track Plans 
Keywords: n nscale plan scale track trackplan tracks tracksplan
jpg  Track 19 Left click: open entry/Right click: save entry

  I doubt you'll ever see a true loads-in, empties-out plan in 2x4, but this one comes close. Loads go into the big industry (a coal-washing plant?) via the long curving spur, and out by the short spur; empties move the opposite direction. Two other industries add variety.

By Mike Fisher

Category Track Plans 
Keywords: tracksplan tracks trackplan track scale plan nscale n
jpg  track 18 Left click: open entry/Right click: save entry 0 *

  A scenic divider breaks this double-track layout into two scenes. One is a surprizingly big yard with an engine house; the other serves some big industry made of DPM modules. The lone runaround track will make you plan your switching moves well in advance.

By Mike Fisher

Category Track Plans 
Keywords: n nscale plan scale track trackplan tracks tracksplan
Custom N Scale Coffee Table Layouts 5 *

  I specialize in building custom N scale coffee table layouts. I've been a model railroader for over 20 years, and I decided it was time to build these small N scale layouts for others to enjoy. My vision is for the customer to have a quality N scale layout in a well built coffee table, end table, or small portable layout, and also serve as a building block for further enjoyment in the model railroading hobby.....a layout YOU can add onto, and experience the fun of model railroading! I use top-grade wood, and the highest quality N scale locomotives, rolling stock, buildings, track and scenic materials

Category Special Manufacturers 
Keywords: table coffee scale n layouts
jpg  track 16 Left click: open entry/Right click: save entry

  If you want a big industry in a small space, here's an idea-starter. I used the Walthers paper-mill complex, plus a couple of smaller industries. The plan also includes an interchange track on the right, a hidden staging track at the top, and room for some scenery.

By Mike Fisher

Category Track Plans 
Keywords: nscale n scale trackplan track plan tracks tracksplan

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